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Chef Lucy plating up


Yacht chef Lucy Pearce

Meet the Chef

Lucy Pearce - South Africa / British

Meet Lucy, Born and raised in South Africa. She is a skilled and experienced Chef with a proven track record in the yachting industry. She has always shown consistency in her work with a positive and approachable manner that fosters great relationships with her work colleagues. While she maintains a logical, calm demeanour, even in high-pressure situations, her commitment to her previous vessel for the last decade is a testament to her reliability and dedication to her craft. 

Yachts docked in Positano

Chef Lucy's

Culinary creations

Using techniques and spices from around the globe, Lucy is committed to making use of the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Her creative ability, enables her to push boundaries and develop unique and memorable guest experiences through her cooking and presentation. She constantly strives to bring a fresh and innovative approach to every dish. From savoury land-based dishes to refreshing seafood creations, Chef Lucy has something for everyone. 

A yacht on the ocean with the sun setting behind it

Chef Lucy's

Culinary style & training 

Lucy's culinary skills are diverse, with experience in a range of styles, including Mediterranean, Caribbean, Japanese, Lebanese and South African cuisine.

Her culinary training includes, a City & Guilds Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking and a Pastry qualification at Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy School in Miami and South West France.

Cooking ingredients

Sample menus

Carrot and ginger soup


Kick off Your Meal with Flavourful, Low-calorie Starters

Salmon fish cakes


Healthy and Delicious

Chocolate cheesecake


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


A pomegranate salad

From the

Sea to the Table

A Sneak Peak of a
Summer Lunch

Fattoush Salad

Grilled Corn with Herb Butter

Tomato Tarte Tatin

Sautéd Grouper with 

Beurre Blanc

Crème Brûlée

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Yacht chef Lucy Pearce making pasta
Aerial view of docked yachts

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Crew comments

Hear from Lucy's crew mates

Thank you so much for making my first season so incredible! Your upbeat energy is contagious and I will be forever grateful for all your patience and fun in the galley. Those cooking skills I will have for life!

The galley will never be the same again. Your wonderful energy will be missed greatly. It's been a pleasure working with you.

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